The musical  surprise

But – in this composition by C.Salzedo, all the technical possibilities and tonal capacities the harp are comprised..It represents a huge challenge, met by Mojca zlobko with exceptional bravery.

The audience of Dubrovnik realised some of the aspects of this instrument for the first time and was enchanted!

Sanja Dražić ( Dubrovački vesnik)

MUZSIKA, Budimpešta (»Glasba«)

… to the very end of the programm, she proved to be correct, inteligent and secure chamber musician. She demonstrated real virtuosity on her instrument.

Kristof Csengery ( Muzsika)

The charm of a voice and harp

The harpist Mojca Zlobko Vajgl succesfully transmited a part of her unique knowledge and skills into the dialog with the singer and brought the sound of harp as close as possible to the most sensitive sound of piano. Harmony of voice and harp touched the public with the tender hand of harpist and exceptional character of the voice of the mezzosoprano  Bernarda Fink.

Bogdan Učakar ( Večer )

The joy of music

The musical joy was crowned by the exceptional harpist Mojca Zlobko ,who lives and works between Ljubljana and Vienna as a free  artist. With her brilliant stile she aquired status which enables her to performe all over the world…

Jutarnji list (Zagreb)

Enthusiastic duo harp-flute

The concert of the slovenian harpist Mojca Zlobko Vajgl and the austrian flutist Dieter Flury lead to the enthusiastic respolse of the audience of the Dubrovnik festival… When such two artists meet on the path of likeminded  personalities and when they unife and harmonise their great technical-interpretational capacities, their music inspiresdelightfull reactions…

Ileana Grazio ( Vjesnik ) Glasba


Mojca Zlobko gave us a proof what  virtuosity meens..

Limmattaler Blatt